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PostSubject: Hunter :)   Hunter :) Icon_minitimeSun Nov 04, 2007 9:20 pm


Personal Name: andreas friedrichs

Age and Gender: 16 boy

Where are you from?: swenden


Character Name: nopples

Class and Race: troll hunter

Armory Link:


Playing times: i play as mutch as i can
What preparations do you take for an important raid? all kind of pots i need

Previous Guilds: i have just started to play horde, and havent been 70 for a very long time. but pre tbc i hade a nice guild how raided mc,zg,onyxia,aq20 so i have lots of raidexperience.

Reason for leaving previous Guild: disbanded

Previous PVE-experience:
Tell us everything about your PvE-Raiding experience. have not raided on 70 yet, but i have many frineds how does. so i know the tacts on some bosses and so on. and pre tbc i have raided mc,onyxia,zg,aq 20, world bosses =)


Why do you want to join Atrocity?: i wana play with my irl friends, and the guild seems to be realy nice Smile
How do you know us? And how do you think you could benefit the guild? my irl friends plays in the guild, and i always plays better with my irl frinds then usual. we khow eatch others playstile

Why should we pick you?: im taking the guild/rading serrius, always do what im told, and show at the raids if i have signed. and im fun in vent Very Happy

Is there anything you would like to add?: my irl frinds who are in the guild are snuskprelle,bandidos,crimsonsoul. and my english are pretty good, even if my spelling sux sometimes then mostly understand what i mean Smile but im better talking english in vent.
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Hunter :)
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